Pubdate: Sat, 23 Jul 2005
Source: Peoria Journal Star (IL)
Copyright: 2005sPeoria Journal Star
Author: Darrell Platt


Just one look at the newspaper's police, fire and courts section on 
July 19 made me sick to my stomach. I just can't understand our justice system.

I am still beyond belief on the release of Robert Becker, the 
attorney who was sentenced to 14 years for molesting a three-year-old 
girl, then let go to close his business before he finally goes to 
jail, if he ever does. But on this day I read that a Morton man was 
sentenced on a child porn charge to 14 years because he sent pictures 
to a 13-year-old. He was a veteran and had no record. Then two 
paragraphs later a Pekin man was sentenced to five years for 
molesting two teen girls, it says, "on several occasions."

Roy Debolt is 56 from Morton, and Raymond Hatfill is 58 from Pekin. 
Would someone in this messed-up system please explain to me why one 
abomination gets 14 years and the other gets five years and we have 
an attorney running around free who was convicted of molesting a 
three-year-old? It just makes me laugh at our so-called justice system.

I'll bet these victims feel even more anger than I do. Yeah, go after 
the prostitutes and johns. I feel so much safer with them off the 
streets, while my child might be killed by one of these freaks of nature.

Darrell Platt