Pubdate: Fri, 14 Jan 2005
Source: Whitehorse Star (CN YK)
Copyright: 2005 Whitehorse Star
Author: Russell Barth


Re: understaffed RCMP can't fight terror.

In a recently disclosed report, an unnamed senior RCMP officer said he
is worried the Mounties will one day have evidence of an impending
terrorist attack in Canada, but will not be able to stop it because of
a lack of resources.

"It is not a matter of 'if' but 'when' an incident will occur whereby
the RCMP will be in possession of a piece of information and/or
intelligence that could have been used to disrupt or prevent a
terrorist act but could not act upon it because we were inadequately
resourced to properly deal with it," he said.

Imagine the gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands that will occur if
the police fail to stop a terror attack, because they had too many
officers tearing down harmless pot plants? Is that what it will
finally take for our government to smarten up and divert attention
from the war on plants, and onto more important matters?

Maybe if our inept and lazy government would regulate cannabis
production and sales, the RCMP would have the resources to fight
terrorism and the long list of other real crimes.

Russell Barth

Educators For A Sensible Drug Policy