Pubdate: Sun, 02 Jan 2005
Source: Peoria Journal Star (IL)
Copyright: 2005sPeoria Journal Star
Author: Jenny Stotler
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I am very upset with the new law that takes effect Jan. 1 regarding 
ephedrine and pseudo-ephedrine. Why should I, as a cashier, do the 
government's job?

This new law is a major inconvenience for consumers and cashiers. When 
consumers want to buy certain over-the-counter medications, they have to 
ask at the register. If you need these medications, you can't buy more than 
two at a time. Why not put them back as prescription drugs, not 

In addition to the medications, we have to watch and see if people buy a 
big amount of lithium batteries, gas additives, rubbing alcohol, sodium 
hydroxide (lye), rock or table salt, hydrogen peroxide, coolers, muriatic 
acid, coffee filters, sulfuric acid, aluminum foil, iodine, matchbooks, 
toluene, camping fuel, acetone, drain cleaner, clear plastic tubing, paint 
thinner, propane tanks, starter fluid, road flares, brake cleaner, dry ice, 
ammonia nitrate, ammonia sulfate and anhydrous ammonia.

Jenny Stotler

Camp Grove
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