Pubdate: Thu, 13 Jan 2005
Source: Quad-City Times (IA)
Copyright: 2005 Quad-City Times
Author: Mary Evans
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As a nursing student at Clinton Community College, California's fight for 
medicinal marijuana use has really grabbed my attention. I felt it 
necessary to look into this issue.

During my research I found patient testimony stating over and over again 
that marijuana has had a better therapeutic effect on alleviating their 
symptoms as opposed to medications previously taken. Marijuana has been 
used to alleviate the severe nausea associated with chemotherapy for cancer 
patients; it relieves pressure in the eye for glaucoma suffers; for AIDS 
patients it relieves pain, nausea and helps with wasting syndrome; for 
epileptics its helps control muscle spasms; marijuana has also been used to 
treat stress-related disorders. In the past, marijuana has been used when 
all else failed and I believe it should be used when cost is an issue as well.

The cost of allowing patients to use or grow marijuana will have a profound 
impact on reducing medical costs.

I believe that Iowans should join California in the fight to legalize 
medicinal marijuana for the severely sick and urge legislators by writing 
letters of support in time for the next session.

Mary Evans

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