Pubdate: Mon, 20 Jun 2005
Source: Courier-Journal, The (KY)
Copyright: 2005 The Courier-Journal
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Author: Matthew Kerr
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The Supreme Court's decision to allow the federal government to regulate 
small quantities of homegrown marijuana under the recommendation of a 
doctor is outrageous. Marijuana is by far a more effective remedy to 
alleviate pain in those with chronic illness than any over-the-counter or 
prescription pill.

With all the drugs being pulled off the market lately, marijuana also looks 
to be the safest. Every month, Americans can pick up a newspaper and read 
about the latest wonder drug that has been pulled from the shelves because 
those who take it have been dying. With all these drugs being pulled off 
the shelves, our director of national drug control policy seems to think we 
have the highest standards in the world for determining the safety of 

Numerous tests show that the consumption of alcohol poses more of a risk to 
our health than cannabis, and we are all well aware of the hazards of 
cigarettes, yet they can be purchased at any neighborhood grocery store.

Marijuana is not a gateway drug, and scientists continue to find ways that 
the cannabis plant can benefit our health. The fact is, marijuana is very 
socially acceptable nowadays and easier to purchase than alcohol is for a 
minor. It's also much more cost effective compared to the price of most 
pain medication.

The Court's decision does not mark the end of medical marijuana as a 
political issue.


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