Pubdate: Tue, 21 Jun 2005
Source: Waco Tribune-Herald (TX)
Contact:  2005 Waco-Tribune Herald
Author:  Stephen Heath


Echoing the Trib's common sense editorial ["Marijuana ruling was about 
federal law, not Medicine", June 9], it is morally wrong to go after people 
who use marijuana for medical purposes, and the people who supply them with 
their medicine.

These people need this medicine for health reasons. These are people with 
cancer and glaucoma and who are HIV-positive. They may have severe pain, 
severe nausea, seizures such as those characteristic of epilepsy, or 
persistent muscle spasms, including those characteristic of multiple sclerosis.

These people have legal and official medical recommendations under laws 
passed by voters in 11 states since 1996.

The marijuana clubs that supply the medicine make sure all recommendations 
and papers are legal. They do not sell marijuana on the street.

President Bush has said he wants to increase the fight against marijuana 
because it provides money to terrorists. This is untrue in the case of 
medical marijuana. It does not pass through terrorist's hands but only to 
the patient. Where then is the "interstate commerce" interest claimed by 
the feds?


Drug Policy Forum of Florida

Clearwater, Fla.
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