Pubdate: Tue, 21 Jun 2005
Source: Times Herald-Record (NY)
Copyright: 2005 Times Herald-Record
Author: Robert Johnston


It was always a belief I've held, learned sometime in grade school, that 
the states had the right to be self-governing. Without interference from 
the federal government. Now, the feds are weighing in on overruling state 
laws regarding medicinal marijuana. Gay marriages and or domestic 
partnerships are also in the wings on the federal level, while states are 
deciding on this subject, too. It's said those who refuse to learn from 
history are doomed to repeat it.

One of the last times the federal government trounced on the states' 
rights, there was this little disturbance we call the Civil War. Maybe the 
slavery issue overshadowed this item, but it, too, was a leading cause of 
this war. My thoughts? Legalize marijuana across the board! It is no more 
addictive or habit-forming than either cigarettes or alcohol. This way the 
states (and feds) could not only regulate it, but also collect taxes on it 
to help reduce their budgets, without raising taxes.

At 48, I never have tried, nor intend to start, smoking pot. I quit smoking 
cigarettes 20 years ago and enjoy an occasional drink. I've been married 
for 23 years. I just think that there are more important issues than 
marijuana or gay marriage for the federal government to be concerned with.


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