Pubdate: Mon, 27 Jun 2005
Source: Journal Gazette, The (IN)
Copyright: 2005 The Journal Gazette
Author: Liza H. Oates
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It is no wonder that Indiana is considered by the rest of the nation 
as a state filled with ignorant citizens when we have Rep. Mark 
Souder speaking on our behalf. I am still choking in disbelief about 
his ignorance and obvious bias regarding the subject of marijuana, 
let alone its medicinal benefits.

Show me one report that substantiates Souders claim that marijuana 
use is linked to serious mental health problems, and in teens... 
depression, thoughts of suicide and schizophrenia.Not only is this 
antiquated thinking, but it is erroneous and prejudicial. As for the 
other ailments Souder has associated with marijuana useheart 
disease, lung cancer, bronchitis and emphysemaperhaps he is just 
referencing smoking in general.

The use of marijuana for medicinal purposes has been gaining 
favorable reviews from users and doctors.

Medical doctors are writing the prescriptions for marijuana, not 
quacks and shysters.If doctors believe marijuana is an effective 
drug for their terminally or seriously ill patients, then they should 
be able to prescribe it, and the patients should be able to use it. 
Ten states, one-fifth of our nation, have voted to allow its use.

The worst issue, though, is not Souders ignorance, bias or Dragnet 
approach to the subject, but it is whether the federal government has 
the authority to supersede the statesauthority. In this instance, is 
it right for the federal government to spend taxpayersmoney to 
arrest and prosecute citizens who have already voted to create laws 
to protect themselves against arrest and prosecution?

It is heartbreaking that the controversy, bickering and biases about 
medical marijuana have allowed the implications of the law to go 
almost unnoticed and uncontested.


Fort Wayne
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