Pubdate: Sat, 02 Jul 2005
Source: Abbotsford News (CN BC)
Copyright: 2005 Hacker Press Ltd.
Author: R. J. Charles


Editor, The News:

Re: White supports stand on harm reduction," June 25.

Well, what else is new? White's view of the world is well known as he
continues to lecture us on the perils of adopting measures that are
contrary to the values of the residents of Abbotsford.

Other than being tough on crime, what are those values that we seek to
preserve? They wouldn't by any chance include caring for the less
fortunate in the community?

Underlying council's abhorrence of harm reduction is the fear that the
community will be over-run by assorted ne'er do wells as it travels
down the slippery slope of self-destruction.

In fact, we have gone down what appeared to be a slippery slope on
many issues and survived very well.

Surely, there are some who remember the concerns about the
introduction of neighbourhood pubs.

The thought of accommodating alcohol consumption in a venue that was
more civilized than the beer parlours of yesteryear was too much for
many to contemplate.

Sunday shopping was supposed to mark the end of civilization; today it
is indicative of a favourable business climate."

When pubs were required to go non-smoking, pub owners and their
supporters warned us of impending bankruptcies and massive job losses
as they would be forced to close.

Even the amalgamation of the districts of Abbotsford and Matsqui was
touted as heralding an end to local communities such as Matsqui
Village and Clearbrook.

Today, Abbotsford is enjoying unprecedented economic growth, and some
of the anti-amalgamation proponents are tripping over each other to
sing the praises of the City in the Country.

At this stage, we can only dream of a headline such as White supports
adoption of harm-reduction measures. Yet, if by chance that were to
happen, would it signal the end of civilization?

R. J. Charles

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