Pubdate: Mon, 11 Jul 2005
Source: Stillwater News Press (OK)
Copyright: 2005 Stillwater News Press
Author: Jeff Pickens
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Jeff Pickens

Oklahoman James T. (name changed) is an ex-Marine, family man, 
business owner, Mason and community volunteer. James was badly 
injured during military duty.

Large doses of Oxycontin were prescribed. He found himself unable to 
function in his daily life.

James discovered medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana allowed him to lower the doses of Oxycontin and 
still experience sufficient pain relief. He was soon able to work 
again, provide for his family and enjoy his daily life.

James began to grow his own medical marijuana.

A horrible day came. The police broke into his house and arrested 
him. He now faces a prison sentence of two years to life!

If this man gets the minimum of two years, it will cost Oklahoma 
taxpayers approximately $46,000, just for the prison expenses alone!

Do you want your medical options limited just because the law is too 
restrictive? I don't; because I know medical marijuana works.

There is another way. We can change Oklahoma law to allow licensed 
physicians to recommend medical marijuana for their patients. We can 
do it right here, right now!

Contact (before July 18) the speaker of the Oklahoma House of 
Representatives, Todd Hiett, (405) 557-7353 and the Senate Pro Tem, 
Mike Morgan, (405) 521-5565. Ask them to approve an interim study on 
medical marijuana.

If you are a potential medical marijuana patient or health care 
professional, contact us immediately.

Every Oklahoman can help with this campaign.

Contact Ron Shewey (405) 714-1236 or .

Our website is . 
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