Pubdate: Fri, 15 Jul 2005
Source: Barrhaven Independent (CN ON)
Copyright: 2005 Barrhaven Independent
Note: Published 2nd and 4th Saturday of month
Author: Russell Barth
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In the wake of the London attacks, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister 
of Public Safety And Emergency Preparedness Anne McLellan said that 
Canada did not appear to be under any specific threat, but security 
forces were on "heightened alert."

Does that mean that we have finally taken all of the RCMP officers 
who are on "marijuana grow-op duty", and placed them at the borders, 
airports, and subways where they belong?

Also, by not legalizing cannabis, our government is knowingly 
subsidizing a multi-billion dollar international black market. I am 
sure that criminals of all shapes and sizes (even terrorists) are 
happy aboutthat.

Also, could someone explain exactly how joining George W. Bush in his 
insane plan for a Continental Missile Defence Shield could possibly 
help protect us from bombs in subways and busses?

When was the last time a terrorist ever used an intercontinental missile?

I predict that governments around the world (including Canada) will 
use this attack as a reason to suspend even more civil rights and 
civil liberties. Is this Orwellian nightmare the "freedom" that we 
are supposed to be exporting to the middle east?

Russell Barth

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