Pubdate: Thu, 20 Jan 2005
Source: Red Deer Express (CN AB)
Copyright: 2005 Red Deer Express
Author: Les Towns and Dorothy Towns
Bookmark: (Treatment)


The response of the public to the proposal of a Detox Centre here in Red 
Deer is unfathomable.

Whoever the business folks are who fear for their loss of popularity, need 
to be identified so we who have compassion for the addicted in our society, 
can choose to do our business elsewhere.

Thank goodness the person who wrote a letter to the editor regarding 
"importing" addicts, was successfully eliminated from the long list of city 
council candidates.

The city needs to have representatives who care for "all" peoples.

Our city has people from many outside communities, seek help for many 
illnesses. Addiction is just that, it is an illness.

Count on us to be supportive of your brave and determined efforts to see 
that a detox centre is provided for the unfortunate souls that need it.

Fortunately our family has not experienced this problem, but we sympathize 
with those who have.

Count us in!

Les & Dorothy Towns

Red Deer
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