Pubdate: Wed, 19 Jan 2005
Source: Red Deer Advocate (CN AB)
Copyright: 2005 Red Deer Advocate
Author: Alana Lowe
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Re. Jan. 15 letter from Robert Bonin, headlined importing drug addicts
won't be good for Red Deer:

I would ask where Bonin thinks Red Deer's recovering addicts would be
today if Edmonton, Calgary and Claresholm had refused to treat them.

If police arrest a crack addict in the mall parking lot -where I
overheard one from out of town trying to find a local dealer by
cellphone - how do they determine which jurisdiction should be
responsible for his treatment?

What if no treatment is available in his home town?

Perhaps we can arrange to ship all our addicts to Siberia. Then, our
need for a centre will disappear and we can say none were found frozen
in Canadian snowbanks, or poisoned here by an overdose.

Don't believe that addiction to alcohol or drugs could never happen to
your child or grandchild.

Peer pressure is powerful.

If it did happen, would you not want a facility close at

In a recent Red Deer LIFE front-page photo, showing the alley view at
the proposed location for a detox centre, it is apparent that there is
already a vandalism problem at this location. Perhaps a tall fence and
a good hedge along adjacent residential property could be provided.

This, along with the proposed lighting and staff supervision, might
render the children of the area as safe as they currently are at most
playgrounds and schoolyards, or at the corner store.

The occasional glimpse of sick people might even inspire more youth to
"say no."

Let's show some compassion, and support efforts to stop the increasing
problem of addictions.

Alana Lowe,

Red Deer
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