Pubdate: Wed, 20 Jul 2005
Source: Contra Costa Times (CA)
Copyright: 2005 Knight Ridder
Author: Cathleen Horner
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The July 6 article on methamphetamines quoted a White House policy 
analyst, Dave Murray, who delivered a dismissive statement 
encapsulating Washington's view of methamphetamines, while minimizing 
the problem cited by law enforcement on the front line.

He ignorantly discounted health and safety, economic, social and 
environmental costs of meth use and production as less than "epidemic."

The experienced, professional assessment of 500 of the nation's 
sheriff's departments is no joke. We must heed it by demanding 
changes in access to over-the-counter and prescription sources of 
methamphetamine production.

Comparing the numbers of "identified" meth and marijuana users also 
skews perspective of the methamphetamine problem and is grounded on a 
faulty identification system based partially on self-disclosure and 
drug testing.

Meth is an invasive threat to society at this level. Meth exits the 
body in two to eight days, and meth users can easily skirt drug 
testing. Meth is consumed in multiple forms and, therefore, easily hidden.

Whereas a teenager cannot legally vote, drive or drink alcohol, the 
same child can legally buy the ingredients to produce methamphetamines.

Perhaps we should rename methamphetamines the "gateway drug," since 
it is the only domestically manufactured schedule II drug that is 
legally accessible without prescription.

Cathleen Horner

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