Pubdate: Sun, 24 Jul 2005
Source: Star-Banner, The (FL)
Copyright: 2005 The Star-Banner
Author: Mike Kelly


Sunday "blue laws" are archaic laws written many years ago but have 
never accomplished what they were originally intended to. That's why 
they have largely been done away with across this country.

Prohibitionists, like those who opposed Sundayalcohol sales in 
Belleview, feel morality can be legislated or controlled by banning 
booze, that these laws will abate the urge for alcohol and create 
pillars of the community. Prohibition was repealed was because it 
didn't work. Juries failed to convict.

Drinking was worse than before the 18th Amendment and people were 
drinking "rot gut" whiskey and getting sick and dying. We can see 
similarities with our drug laws. We have a "war" on drugs and drug 
use is worse. We don't need another war on alcohol. We have already 
been there, done that and lost.

If a person has an addictive personality or just wants to drink, he 
or she will find a way and someone will supply the source. We will 
create, if alcohol is outlawed again, another black market at a much 
higher price that will cause some to commit crimes for their 
"illicit" behavior, causing us all harm and much expense to enforce.

Most adults can drink socially without causing any harm to themselves 
or others and should be allowed to do so any day of the week, without 
fear of breaking any laws or going to jail. And yes, the Bible also 
says that a little wine is good for the body and soul, as well as 
condemning drunkenness.

Addicts are people with problems. Their behavior, if destructive to 
others, needs to be treated, not driven underground. The whole 
population does not need to be punished for the few. It's like 
everything else: the key is moderation, not forced abstinence.

Mike Kelly,

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