Pubdate: Thu, 04 Aug 2005
Source: Ottawa Sun (CN ON)
Copyright: 2005 Canoe Limited Partnership
Author: Andrew Ethridge
Note: Parenthetical remark by the Sun editor, headline by Newshawk.
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I would like to voice my opinion about Marc Emery being arrested and
facing extradition charges. I feel that if Marc has broken a crime,
then he should be tried in Canada. It's a sad day when the Canadian
government lets the United States of Bush come in and take their
citizens. Canada has apparently accepted Marc for a while, and has
accepted taxes from his seed sales.

If he has been tolerated for so long, then why is it okay for the DEA
to come into Canada and pull him from Canada and put him in U.S.
jails? It seems as if the U.S. can do whatever they want.

I'm an American who lives in the U.S. and this really makes me sad.
Marc Emery is a hero and stands up for what he believes. Maybe the
Canadian government should be more like Marc?

Andrew Ethridge

(We aren't sure our government actually believes in anything)
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