Pubdate: Tue, 02 Aug 2005
Source: Winnipeg Sun (CN MB)
Copyright: 2005 Canoe Limited Partnership
Author: Chris Buors
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Note: Paranthetical remarks by Sun editor as is customary for the Sun 
newspapers; refers to author's previous convictions and imprisonment 
on cannabis growing charges.  See second reference above.


Re: Pro-pot 'prince' raided (Canadian Press, July 30).

The Drug Enforcement Agency used the little-known Treaty on Mutual
Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters to have the Prince of Pot, Marc
Emery, and friends arrested for conspiracy to sell cannabis seeds. The
DEA would like to make Marc responsible for every plant those seeds
produced and every dollar anyone in the underground has ever earned.

The Americans have "information bombed" themselves back into the stone
age as far as repealing drug prohibition is concerned. They will seek
a term of 10 years to life for Marc Emery, putting him into the Karla
Homolka sentencing range. That ought to shock the conscience of every

Moral righteousness blinds Americans to any semblance of justice.
Reasoned arguments have been lost to the passions of fear. The law was
meant to assist in "criminal matters." The Americans have not been
able to distinguish between sin and crime for a very long time.
Canadians ought not feed into that fear by delivering up sinners like
Marc Emery.

Chris Buors, President, Marijuana Party of Manitoba

(We jail our sinners, too. Right, Chris?) 
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