Pubdate: Thu, 04 Aug 2005
Source: St. Thomas Times-Journal (CN ON)
Copyright: 2005 St. Thomas Times-Journal
Author: Will Arlow
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In the July 30 Times-Journal an article appeared titled "Marijuana party 
leader raided."

That piece highlights several crucially important issues for Canadians.

Firstly, how far are Canadians willing to stand back from defense of 
Canadian sovereignty? To what extent are Canadians willing to accept 
American suzerainty, both in the classical and modern definition of the term?

When is Canada going to address drug use and regulation from an intelligent 
perspective and design policy that actually serves the interest it is said 
to serve rather than as an aid to the sub-rosa revenue stream of foreign 
intelligence agencies?

Does anyone out there not know that the profitability of the underground 
drug trade is one of the primary sources of financing for the black ops, 
not just for CIA but for many other covert agencies of the U.S. government?

Drug trafficking serves the political interest of the military industrial 
complex so well, precisely because of the built in profitability and 
plausible deniability.

Huge sums of money can be directed to the financing of operations to 
destabilize unfriendly regimes without official legislative over view. 
Recent examples that spring to mind are the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden and 
his al-Qaida group that were originally organized, trained and financed by 
the CIA and others to help destabilize Russia and Iran respectively.

Does the name Oliver North still ring bells? Think also of just how badly 
those initiatives turned out and remember that lots of the money came from 
trafficking in drugs.

For those with more active memories we can hark back to the 1960s and the 
"Air America" shenanigans in Laos.

Does anyone out there think that authorities are not smart enough to deal 
effectively with illicit drug use? What do Canadians think the real issue is?

How do Canadians feel about the U.S. grabbing political prisoners right out 
of Canada.

Anyone who read that July 30 story and is not deeply disturbed by the 
implications for Canadians should call an undertaker without delay for they 
are already dead and have not yet hit the floor!

Will Arlow

Straffordville, Ont. 
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