Pubdate: Fri, 05 Aug 2005
Source: National Post (Canada)
Copyright: 2005 Southam Inc.
Author: Kirk Tousaw
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Re: No Sympathy For The Prince Of Pot, editorial, Aug. 3.

Your editorial about the Marc Emery extradition situation missed a critical 
point. The Justice Minister must refuse to surrender Emery (the President 
of the BC Marijuana Party), Michelle Rainey (the Vice President) and Greg 
Williams (a reform activist) if it appears that the U.S. prosecution is 
politically motivated. When one considers that there are literally dozens 
of seed sellers operating on the Internet, and in retail locations in 
Vancouver and elsewhere in Canada, yet the DEA only targeted Emery, the 
conclusion that this is a political persecution is inescapable. The fact 
that the U.S. has not targeted any other seed merchants also sheds some 
light on your claim that this is somehow a law "rigidly enforced" by the 
U.S. government. It is not.

The DEA has as much as admitted their motivations. They call Emery 
"arrogant" and gloat that now they will no longer need to listen to him. 
And that is exactly the point: Emery was targeted because he is a vocal and 
effective advocate for marijuana law reform. He funds reform efforts 
throughout the world, but predominately in the United States and Canada. 
The U.S. federal government's war on drugs is, in a very real way, mostly a 
war on marijuana, despite the fact that almost 100 million Americans have 
used marijuana and a large percentage support reform. Even more -- upward 
of 80% -- support medical marijuana, yet the U.S. federal government does 
not even recognize that marijuana has any medical benefits, calling the 
idea a "cruel hoax" on patients.

Make no mistake about it: Emery has been targeted because of his political 
activism. Allowing him to be extradited to the United States sets an 
extremely dangerous precedent for democracy and Canadian political freedom.

Kirk Tousaw, campaign manager

British Columbia Marijuana Party

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