Pubdate: Wed, 03 Aug 2005
Source: Campbell River Mirror (CN BC)
Copyright: 2005 Campbell River Mirror
Author: Robert Saint Amour


The latest episode of American led "reefer madness" is a good example of 
the world according to Dubya.

A Canadian judge allowed our warring neighbours to orchestrate the arrest 
of a Canadian citizen on our soil, for a crime we don't give a damn about.

Just who runs our justice system? A bunch of Texas rednecks? Since when do 
we arrange the arrest of a Canadian for offences we deem trivial, to face a 
lifetime in an alien jail.

The Americans are facing self destruction from their right wing agenda and 
under no circumstances should Canadian authorities co-operate in any way.

When does this stop? I have written letters supporting the Palestinians and 
denouncing the USA that appeared in Al-Qaeda sponsored media. Am I next on 
their list? Will the RCMP arrest me for calling Bush a moron? Yet again.

Despite Marc Emery being a self-serving egomaniac, most of us in Canada 
don't give a damn what he does, or how much pot he smokes in a day. 
However, allowing a culturally bankrupt nation to set our agenda is 

Emery should be released immediately and the Americans should be reminded 
they don't own or run Canada - yet!

Robert Saint Amour

Deep Bay 
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