Pubdate: Sun, 07 Aug 2005
Source: Chronicle Herald (CN NS)
Copyright: 2005 The Halifax Herald Limited
Author: Colin MacPhee
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Whatever one's position might be concerning the issue of marijuana and its 
dangers or benefits, I would hope that all Canadians will vehemently 
protest the misguided actions of the B.C. government and its Drug 
Enforcement Administration lackey, Associate Chief Justice Patrick Dohm of 
the B.C. Supreme Court.

Marc Emery et al did not commit crimes on U.S. soil. Yet they have been 
arrested at the behest of the DEA?

The United States has spent untold billions since 1971 fighting the 
apparently endless "War on drugs." (Announced and started, incidentally, by 
that high priest of ethical conduct, Richard Nixon.)

Compare this war to the absurdity of alcohol prohibition in the early 20th 
century and the end result is clear: violence, death and absurd profits for 
organized crime. Meanwhile, overtaxed police agencies are still required by 
the mandate of law to chase down people with a few joints?

How cowardly of Mr. Dohm to round up peaceful medical marijuana activists 
on the DEA's behalf whilst organized, violent criminals walk free.

This is a political action by the DEA and a direct assault on Canadian 

Not a war on drugs, but a war of ideology. Sick people should have the 
medicine they need. Addiction is a medical issue, not a legal or law 
enforcement one.

To the DEA: End this war. Let there be peace.

To my fellow Canadians: Who will be next on the DEA hit list? Norman 
Bethune would probably qualify, were he alive today! (Treason or some such 

Colin MacPhee

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