Pubdate: Fri, 12 Aug 2005
Source: South Delta Leader (CN BC)
Copyright: 2005 South Delta Leader
Author: Peter J. White
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Re: "Can-U.S. bust," Editorial, South Delta Leader, Aug. 5

A Surrey man convicted of smuggling 14 people into the U.S. for the 
purposes of prostitution is sentenced to time served, four months in jail 
(Province, Aug 3, 2005).

An ID forger with two false airline employee cards in his possession is out 
on bail awaiting sentencing (Province, Aug 5, 2005).

Marc Emery, a Canadian citizen, is locked up in jail, at the behest of 
another country awaiting bail on charges of selling marijuana seeds over 
the internet.

I'm so glad to see we have our priorities straight; selling women into a 
life of violence, servitude, disease and who knows what else is not even 
worth a slap on the wrists.Forging ID cards that would permit terrorists 
easy access to airline cargo facilities is acceptable but, whatever you do, 
don't upset George Dubya and his right wing ideology.

I also find it strange that B.C. judges can't put dangerous criminals with 
lengthy arrest and conviction records in jail,however, Nova Scotia can 
certainly find room for a "dangerous" activist and, it seems, will manage 
to keep him incarcerated until he can meet their bail requirements. Justice 
is not only blind, it is out of touch with the citizenry it is supposed to 
protect.The actions of our politicians, judges and police force does 
nothing to instill a sense of confidence with me.

Peter J. White

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