Pubdate: Tue, 16 Aug 2005
Source: Windsor Star (CN ON)
Copyright: The Windsor Star 2005
Author: Chris Buors


Letter writer Tom Cattermole is mistaken. Justice is symbolized by the 
blind lady with the scale. That scale of justice was tipped considerably 
when St. George, in the form of the American therapeutic state, was 
unleashed to battle the so-called dangerous drugs dragon.

All scapegoat persecutions are fought with the thumb of St. George on the 
scale of justice.

Marc Emery will not be permitted to make the argument that the law is 
unjust to a jury of his peers. That is called jury nullification today and 
is an example of the scale of justice gone askew.

It was meant to be that the purpose of the jury was to not only decide 
guilt or innocence, but to test the justness of the law. It was also the 
duty of the jury to mete out the penalty. That is a far cry from what Marc 
Emery will encounter.

Marc Emery does not poke justice in the eye. Marc just poked St. George in 
the eye. St. George has left a lot of bodies and destroyed lives in his 
wake. Respect for the rule of law is absent because we taste the will of 
the tyrant, not the fruits of liberty.

Marc wants everybody to be free of Big Brother in the guise of St. George. 
Liberty means liberty in a country with just laws.

There is a difference between vice and crime. Crime implies harm to another 
person or their property.

Turning vices to crime kind of throws the old justice scale out of whack a 
touch too, wouldn't you say?


Winnipeg, Man. 
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