Pubdate: Thu, 18 Aug 2005
Source: Aldergrove Star (CN BC)
Copyright: 2005 Central Fraser Valley Star Publishing Ltd.
Author: Barb St. Jean
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Editor, The Star:

Re: "Hand-wringing over loss of sovereignty is unrealistic," The Star, Aug. 4.

How would you feel if one of your loved ones was treated like a criminal or 
a drug addict for using cannabis to combat chemotherapy nausea in the end 
stages of their life?

Our society obviously needs to be educated on the issue of cannabis use and 
that is what Marc Emery is trying to do. He knows the patient community 
can't stand up for themselves, they are ill and illness has no borders.

Your comment; "While Canada has a much more lenient or tolerant attitude on 
the subject than our counterparts in the U.S., some of the reaction on this 
side of the border has been over the top," is ignorant of the truth.

Did you know, in the state of California (one of many) medical cannabis use 
has been deemed legal and there are over 100,000 card-carrying, legal users?

The DEA and other US federal enforcement regimes have ruthlessly tried to 
discredit state-wide initiatives and have spent billions waging a war on 
their own sick and dying citizens.

It's time for change - Larry Campbell says; legalize it, tax it, regulate it.

I say it time to stand up to uneducated and our bullying neighbours, wring 
our collective hands together, and just say no.Stop the insanity.

Thank you, Marc Emery - your commitment to our movement is highly respected.


Grand Forks
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