Pubdate: Sun, 04 Sep 2005
Source: Bristol Herald Courier (VA)
Copyright: 2005 Bristol Herald Courier
Author: Elizabeth Rhymer


After reading the articles concerning prescription drug abuse, I felt 
compelled to write. A close friend was addicted to prescription drugs. It 
amazes me how easily these drugs are obtained. They are easily obtained on 
the Internet. And, there are clinics in the Tri-Cities that prescribe them 
without any examination at all.

What shocked me the most though, is that there is no help for people who 
want to get off these drugs. My friend went to several rehab facilities. 
One facility told him he didn't have a big enough problem for them to even 
give him outpatient care. Another facility told him he had to get off the 
drugs, then they would talk with him. That seems to be defeating the purpose.

My friend is not wealthy and does not have insurance. I'm sure this is part 
of the reason no one would help him. That is a pitiful excuse for not 
helping someone. This is a problem that is self-inflicted, I agree. But, if 
we can spend money in this state to rehabilitate alcoholic and illegal drug 
addicts, why can't we make it easier for people with prescription drug 
problem to get the same help?

So the next time you see an article about prescription drug abuse, 
remember: It's very easy to get hooked and to get access to the drugs; but 
no one wants to help you get off of them once you realize you have a problem.

Elizabeth Rhymer

Bluff City, Tenn. 
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