Pubdate: Thu, 20 Jan 2005
Source: New Haven Advocate (CT)
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Author: Stan White


Does Jesus Get the Munchies?

All humor aside ("Pot's Prime Number Explained," Jan. 6), High Times editor 
Steve Hager may have been experiencing the spirit of truth, knowing he was 
searching for something good. 420 has an intrinsic connection and I believe 
it includes Christ God Our Father; He also likes cannabis and He has ways 
of letting Us know.

One example: an occurrence in Colorado, where in 1998 a medical marijuana 
(cannabis) amendment should have been placed on the ballot, but Secretary 
of State Vicky Buckley said citizens did not have enough signatures. A 
lawsuit forced a recount, which she still said was short. All this occurred 
late and the election ballot contained the amendment question, but Buckley 
refused to count it, stating it did not have enough petition signatures.

Then, Vicky Buckley died unexpectedly, and after her death, boxes of 
petition sheets were found in her office and a recount of all the 
signatures initiated by proponents proved the state made a mistake. A judge 
then ordered the medical marijuana question be placed on the ballot again 
on Nov. 7, 2000.

Previously, it was known as Amendment 19, but when a Colorado judge placed 
it on the election ballot, it was labeled Amendment 20, and citizens across 
the great state of Colorado were asked to vote "4 20." And they did.

Another number that 420'ers should all know is the number 1. It's the page 
in the Bible where God indicates He created all the seed-bearing plants and 
said they were all good. The very first page. Biblically, it is time to 
stop caging humans for using cannabis ( kaneh bosm before the King James 
Version). I am not talking to the choir.


Dillon, Colorado
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