Pubdate: Wed, 07 Sep 2005
Source: Nanton News (CN AB)
Copyright: 2005 Nanton News
Author: Chris Buors


Letter-writer Ian Watson should quit listening to the demonizers and start
asking pharmacologists about drugs.

Methamphetamine hydrochloride, crystal meth, is sold as Desoxyn to
children for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and to adults
for obesity apparently without incident or addiction to worry about.
Essential Crystal meth is the crack of amphetamines or bennies as
older readers would understand it.

The sky, apparently, is not falling. The fact that politicians can
manipulate the drug schedule at whim is a pretty good indication that
science has nothing to do with classifying our medicines. Politicians
will always need scapegoats, some evil to protect everybody from,
according to Plato. Drug merchants and users are it in our society.

The question that Nobel laureate Milton Freidman has been asking for
over 40 years is "why criminalize drugs at all?" If Ian Watson is a
typical Canadian then it is obvious a drug-ignorant population is
about all drug control regimentation has produced.

Medicalizing behavior has not done anyone except the politicians any
good. Addiction, what a farce! The "scary monster" of addiction was
called lustful gluttony for thousands of years when Spiritual Death
was the religious language spoken. The moralizers have simply learned
how to do all their stigmatizing in medical language. Where does
temptation, yielding to it and resisting it fit into these addictions?
Those are character traits instilled by good parenting. The theory of
addictions is a myth that has never been proven. The theory finds
receptive ears in a society conditioned to believe in demonic
possessions. Addictions, some supernatural force gets hold of people
and makes them do things against their own wills.

What a joke. Really, all human beings have free will that cannot be
destroyed by supernatural forces or anything else. That is what
science proves.

Time to restore our natural right to drugs and the responsibility that
goes with them if lies to keep people living in fear of ghosts are all
the government can produce.

Chris Buors

Winnipeg Manitoba
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