Pubdate: Thu, 08 Sep 2005
Source: Boulder Weekly (CO)
Copyright: 2005 Boulder Weekly
Author: Kirk Muse
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(Re: "Stoners don't get it," letters, Sept. 1.) I'm writing about Redford 
Givens' thoughtful letter. I agree with everything Givens wrote, however 
his letter seems to have no connection with the title it was given.

It's the prohibitionists who don't get it. It's the prohibitionists who 
seem to think that they can somehow nullify the immutable law of supply and 
demand with legislation. It's the prohibitionists who insist that the 
easy-to-grow weed remain completely untaxed, unregulated and controlled by 

It's the prohibitionists who insist that marijuana should only be sold by 
criminals. Criminals who often sell other, much more dangerous drugs like 
cocaine and meth, and who often offer free samples of the more dangerous 
drugs to their marijuana customers. Thus the so-called gateway effect.

Kirk Muse/via Internet
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