Pubdate: Fri, 16 Sep 2005
Source: Isthmus (WI)
Copyright: 2005 Isthmus
Author: Will Warlick


Regarding your story "Will Wisconsin Allow Pot as Medicine?"
(8/12/05): Allowing this drug for medical purposes is the ethical
thing to do. I knew a cancer patient who could have benefited from
this drug. The worst part of her disease was watching what
chemotherapy did to her. We had heard that marijuana could have helped
with nausea and loss of appetite far better than the available drugs,
but she never had the benefit of using it.

Those who frame the debate otherwise do a disservice to the suffering
patients who truly need medical marijuana. This includes proponents of
marijuana as a recreational drug, the media who spice up stories with
intimations of broader legalization and depiction of counterculture
images, and opponents who cling to unsubstantiated theories that the
medical use would encourage recreational use. I support state Rep.
Gregg Underheim's proposed bill, and am heartened to see this kind of
level-headed, ethical action by a political leader.

Will Warlick
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