Pubdate: Wed, 19 Oct 2005
Source: Rockford Register Star (IL)
Copyright: 2005 Rockford Register Star
Author: E. J. Pagel
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The recent letter from Thomas Keinz showcases the dishonesty of drug 
war zealots, and their willingness to deceive the public. His 
statement about legalizing violent and property crimes, while 
obviously sarcastic, is a feeble attempt to obscure the fact that 
smoking marijuana violates the rights of no one, and therefore does 
not fit the definition of a crime. We advocate the legalization of 
marijuana for adults only. After California legalized medical 
marijuana for adults only, use by children in that state decreased, 
not increased. Studies have not proved the "gateway theory," and it 
is no longer touted by the Center for Alcohol and Substance Abuse. In 
1988, the DEA's own administrative law judge, Francis L. Young, 
conducted a thorough review of the evidence and ruled that marijuana 
should be prescribable by doctors. He stated, "Marijuana in its 
natural form is one of the safest therapeutically active substances 
known to man." Even more evidence has been compiled since then, and 
take note, Mr. Keinz, it supports our argument, not yours.

- - E. J. Pagel

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