Pubdate: Mon, 24 Oct 2005
Source: Tuscaloosa News, The (AL)
Copyright: 2005 The Tuscaloosa News
Author: Loretta Nall


Dear Editor: In response to "Drugs aren't Libertarians' top issue" 
[letters, Oct. 20], I'd like to invite all of your readers to take 
the time and investigate the claims made by the media that my 
campaign for governor is about drug policy reform and nothing else.

Drug policy reform is a sexy, controversial topic that helps to sell 
lots of newspapers and gets more people to tune in to the 6 o'clock 
news. I freely admit it is a very important issue to me and thousands 
of other Alabamians, but it is far from my only issue.

Most of the other issues the writer mentioned are planks in my 
platform that have not been reported on by the media.

For instance, my other planks include states' rights, non-compliance 
with the Patriot and REAL I.D. acts, calling for the Alabama National 
Guard troops to be returned home, no gun control laws, a check-box 
style governing system, legal lottery and casino gambling run by 
private enterprise, initiative and referendum, ballot access reform, 
privatizing public schools, lifting restrictions on distilleries that 
produce wood and grain alcohol and encouraging increased production 
of bio-diesel so that Alabama families might produce their own fuel 
or start community co-ops for that purpose.

Loretta Nall

Alexander City
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