Pubdate: Wed, 09 Nov 2005
Source: Mountain Xpress (NC)
Copyright: 2005 Mountain Xpress
Author: B. Niewoehner


I recently read an interesting article in USA Today entitled "Denver 
Weighs Proposal to Ease Marijuana Laws." I personally hope the 
proposal passes. However, the article ended by the opponents of the 
proposal saying, " ... all that money (used to buy medical marijuana) 
goes to organized crime." That just ain't so.

Having a legal prescription for medical marijuana from a licensed, 
practicing doctor in my home state for many years, I can say without 
hesitation that the little money I spend for it doesn't go to 
organized crime. It goes to a 61-year-old, 100-percent disabled 
Vietnam veteran who lives on a little 40-acre farm in Arkansas, and 
whose only other income is from a veterans' (VA) disability pension. 
This individual is a church-going, God-fearing gentleman whom I have 
known for years. He uses the money I spend to feed his family, buy 
medicine and gas. It is spent locally in his community; it doesn't go 
to some terrorist or drug lord.

It's always organized-crime this or terrorist that, when you see 
something about marijuana. My thoughts are if you want to support 
organized crime, just pay taxes! There is organized crime if there 
ever was any! Your government, from grassroots to federal -- 
organized crime! And God bless 'em, sometimes not all that organized.

What about the oil company that can make $10 billion in 90 days, and 
the government and the news just sweep it under the rug like it means 
nothing? However, the government is after the poor ol' vet who sells 
me $50 bucks worth of cannabis. What is wrong with this picture?

- -- B. Niewoehner

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