Pubdate: Thu, 24 Nov 2005
Source: Carillon, The (CN MB)
Copyright: 2005 The Carillon
Author: Chris Buors


Dear Sir:

First let me thank Chad Wiebe for his thoughtful letter of critique. I
have written a number of letters of a similar vein attempting to
engage the public or politicians to little avail. I would like to
address Chad's concerns with a little more thought-provoking talk of

Chad conceded the free will point as I believe most people would, that
there is right and wrong in the world is just as true as the fact that
that beauty and ugly exist. Those judgments are always in the eye of
the beholder. Vices and virtues is the language spoken when good and
bad are applied to moral choices.

The question to Chad is, should legislators be able to turn vices into
crimes? For instance, adultery is responsible for much harm in
society. That sin is responsible for more broken homes across Canada
than any other. Should the legislators pass a law that citizens not
cheat on their spouses just to encourage people to make the "right"
choices? Adultery is a free choice too, yet it is easy enough to see
that adultery laws would enjoy little respect and soon enough the
courts would be even more congested than the confession booth.

As president of the Marijuana Party and a libertarian, there are a lot
of laws I would like to get rid of, but have never actually thought of
one that I would like implemented. For Chad's information, I have
adopted the moral code of St. Thomas Aquinas. Temperance, prudence,
justice and fortitude are the four cardinal virtues and if the law
does not pass muster, I will not consider it.

Chad and the vast majority will never vote for a truth teller like me,
that is a given. Once more, I thank Chad for his critique. It made me
re-examine my position. I urge Chad to reconsider the proper use of
the law and the proper use of the eyebrow for social control of
sinners. The eyebrow has proven itself more powerful throughout
history. Save criminalization for the violent in our midst. Respect
for the law must be a consideration and laws of personal consumption
that cannot be enforced will always breed disrespect.

Chris Buors

Manitoba Marijuana Party

Winnipeg, MB.
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