Pubdate: Mon, 05 Dec 2005
Source: Edson Leader (CN AB)
Copyright: 2005 Edson Leader
Author: Anthony Jensen

Reader Questions Meth Addict's Story

To the Editor:

Re: Meth series

This story sounds fake because it's written like a "story". What proof
do you have that this is a real story? Marijuana is not a gateway
drug. There is a lot of fact supporting this. If no name can be given
to this person, then it's just fiction.

Please don't use fiction to teach real children about facts on real
drugs. I grew up in Edson -- moved to the community in Grade 6 in 1978
and I too smoked pot at that age in that town.

And I do know and understand there has been a problem with
speed/crystal meth for many, many years now. I have seen several
hometown friends fall to it.

Now I live in East Vancouver and we have drug problems here as you
should know.

I am involved with the movement to legalize marijuana and am well
educated in all the facts about cannabis and hemp.

I will read your six-part "story" with interest and share it with
other news watchers who try to re-educate the journalists who do not
know or understand true proven facts about all drugs.

Anthony Jensen

Vancouver, BC
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