Pubdate: Tue, 13 Dec 2005
Source: Edmonton Journal (CN AB)
Copyright: 2005 The Edmonton Journal
Author: Bill Norris


The article on drugs by Dan Gardner hit the nail right on the head
("Drug-war flashback: Harper's get-tough policy is old, flawed,"
Ideas, Dec. 10).

I remember when they tried free drugs for addicts in England; it
worked until opponents finally squashed it. For years they have tried
to stop trafficking with penalties like chain gangs, the lash, long
sentences. It only gets worse. They are going after the wrong people.
They should target the users; without them there is no trade. The
pushers kill each other while the users kill and rob the innocent.

More time should be spent on educating the 8- to 12-year-olds before
they become know-it-all teenagers. Spend time taking pictures in the
alleys in drug row in the major cities. Let the young ones see the
life on the streets. Put the fear in the little ones and it will
stick. Round up the users and force them into rehab with free drugs
until they gradually get cured; help them to start a new life or
remain in rehab forever. Get rid of the users and there is no more
drug trade. Prohibition doesn't work.

Bill Norris

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