Pubdate: Thu, 22 Dec 2005
Source: Phoenix New Times (AZ)
Copyright: 2005 New Times, Inc.
Author: Angel Cordaro
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Regarding the "Bad Medicine" story, Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard 
is showing himself more incompetent at every turn.

I have literally been to hell and back with my boyfriend because of meth. 
Through all the abuse I endured with him, the only reason I stayed is 
because he was being controlled by his addiction and he desperately wanted 
to quit. He just didn't know how.

While Mr. Goddard was wasting time, energy and money restricting the sale 
of Tylenol, I was being put through the wringer -- sexually, physically and 
mentally. Not because my boyfriend was cooking dope, but because he was 
smoking it.

He's been clean for a little more than three weeks now, and it's been a 
huge uphill struggle. We both know he's defying dismal odds with each day 
he stays clean, and the lack of treatment options for him means he's left 
to treat himself. Every day, I wonder if this is the day he will slip up.

Let's all raise our glasses to the Attorney General, though; at least 
Tylenol will be safely behind drugstore counters now! The public can 
breathe easy -- except me, my boyfriend and the countless others who're in 
the same situation as we are. There's just not enough treatment available, 
no matter what good programs exist.

Angel Cordaro, Tempe
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