Pubdate: Thu, 22 Dec 2005
Source: Pique Newsmagazine (CN BC)
Copyright: 2005 Pique Publishing Inc.
Author: Russell Barth


RE: Weston backs Harper on drug sentencing (Pique online Dec. 5,

One can only assume that John Weston is in cahoots with drug dealers
and organized criminals. Why else would he support mandatory minimums?

The more we "crack down" on drug dealers, the more profit they make.
It drives the small-timers right out of the game, drives up the
competition between the big ones we don't catch, and therefore
increases the gun-violence. This isn't an opinion, it is a simple fact.

Has Weston never heard of Al Capone, or Pablo Escobar? Probably he
has, and that is why he is pandering to the closed-minded,
backwards-thinking bigots who traditionally vote Conservative.

The only sensible way to end this violent drug war is to legalize,
regulate, and educate. It might not be perfect, but it would be a lot
safer, cheaper, and more effective than what we have currently.

If Prohibition were ever going to work, it would have worked by

Russell Barth

Federal Medical Marijuana License Holder

Former Federal Marijuana Party Candidate (Ottawa West-Nepean, 2004)

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