Pubdate: Wed, 28 Dec 2005
Source: Weymouth News (MA)
Copyright: 2005 Weymouth News
Author: David Lane


To the editor:

Officer Jim Bowen is absolutely correct that we need to careful who 
we believe. One of references he give to support his fantasy that 
cannabis is addictive is the National Institute of Drug Abuse web page.

NIDA is infamous for sponsoring the Tulane studies in the 1970's 
which showed the marijuana caused brain damage. It took Playboy 
Magazine many years to obtain the true results of the study that 
showed that monkeys were asphyxiated with marijuana smoke and a lack 
of oxygen caused the brain damage. This is also the same organization 
that recently sponsored a study where they "accidentally" substituted 
amphetamines for ecstasy in an attempt to show that the drug caused 
brain damage.

How can anyone believe Mr. Bowen when his preferred sources of 
reference are proven repeat liars?

David  Lane

Santa Cruz,  CA
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