Pubdate: Wed, 02 Feb 2005
Source: Castlegar News (CN BC)
Copyright: 2005 Castlegar News
Author: Clifford Schaffer


Let me be the first to stand and applaud Doug Hickey for showing some
increasingly rare common sense about drugs.

Drug-free zones are just silly. If they really worked, then why not just
declare the entire city a "drug-free" zone? Like magic, the drug problem is
instantly solved. Better yet, how about just declaring the entire country a
"drug-free" zone -- or even the entire world? All we have to do is speak the
words and set up a few signs and no one will ever use drugs again.

"Drug-free" zones are simply absurd. They are a sign that the people who
created them really have no clue what to do about the problem and think they
can solve it with a magical "abracadabra." Now that drug-free zones are an
obvious failure maybe they will try to call in Spiderman.

In the meantime, anyone who really wants to find a solution - and is able to
read something more learned than comic books - should take the time to read
the collection of Major Studies of Drugs and Drug Policy at It is time for the educators to educate
themselves. If they did, they would find something very interesting.
Historically speaking, the biggest single cause of drug epidemics among
children is silly, ill-considered anti-drug campaigns.

Clifford Schaffer 

Director, DRCNet Online Library of Drug Policy
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