Pubdate: Thu, 10 Feb 2005
Source: Charleston Gazette (WV)
Copyright: 2005 Charleston Gazette
Note: Source rarely prints LTEs received from outside its circulation area
Author: Nelvin Moreland



Who pays the price for alcohol and drug offenders? Answer: Our families and 
the taxpayers. Don't get me wrong; jail is no walk in the park.

But wouldn't it be more of a punishment to us to be sentenced to a 
rehabilitation facility and made to pay fines, than to sit in a regional jail?

Regional jails don't offer rehab, and being an addict, rehabilitation is 
what we need. Speaking for myself, it would be more of a correction going 
to a rehab and paying fines for my crime than to sit here waiting for a 
space to open up in prison.

It's not the taxpayers' fault, and it's not my family's fault, so why make 
them pay for my mistake?

Nelvin Moreland

Southern Regional Jail 
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