Pubdate: Fri, 11 Feb 2005
Source: Fort Pierce Tribune (FL)
Copyright: 2005 The E.W. Scripps Co.
Author: Ethel Rowland


Mr. Westbury's "Face to Face," Feb. 6, reports that "... Weed & Seed
will redouble its efforts to eliminate the factors that contribute to
crime," as stated by Jim McAdams, who also stated, "... you cannot
totally eliminate crime."

The Weed & Seed effort may be the best answer to the Fort Pierce crime
problem available under our nation's current prohibition drug policies.

But it won't be enough. People want to buy drugs, legal and illegal.
Since there are big, tax-free profits to be made, there will always be
people willing to try to meet the demand. Arrest a salesman and
another will be working in his place before the cell door closes.
Arrest a big dealer and there will be a bloody fight over the newly
available territory.

Law enforcement's answer is to redouble efforts yet again, do the same
thing even harder, put still more people behind bars, and put their
own lives on the line. It is their job.

How many more lives have to be lost for all people, who tell me in
private that they agree with me, to take a stand publicly and say,
"Enough is enough; we want the law-abiding community to control drug

When will it be time to take a stand and show the lawmakers that we
are tired of supporting the breaking up of families, the criminalizing
of certain drug use, the ruining of children's lives, and the
ineffective use of our tax dollars in an unwinnable battle?

My condolences to the families of Dan DeStefano.

Ethel Rowland

Fort Pierce
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