Pubdate: Sat, 12 Feb 2005
Source: Wisconsin State Journal (WI)
Copyright: 2005 Madison Newspapers, Inc.
Author: Randy Vizyak


I have a question regarding a letter on Wednesday in which the writer said
drugs will destroy the United States. It is a fact that opium and coca
products were legal in the United States until passage of the Harrison
Narcotics Act of 1914. It is also a fact that cannabis products (marijuana)
were legal until the 20th century. Utah was the first state to outlaw
marijuana in 1915; it was legal in Wisconsin until 1935. It was not
prohibited nationally until passage of the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937.

The United States began as 13 small states in 1776. Throughout the 19th
century it expanded to a continent-sized country and became a world power by
1914. And all during that expansion and rise to power, opium and marijuana
were as legal as alcohol. So how will drugs destroy the country? We should
ask if it is the government's war "on" drugs that will destroy the country.

- -- Randy Vizyak, Mukwonago
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