Pubdate: Mon, 21 Feb 2005
Source: Northern Territory News (Australia)
Copyright: 2005 Northern Territory News
Author: Gary Meyerhoff


Regarding drug prohibition. So Col Newman thinks the NT Police are doing a 
good job working to eliminate the many problems associated with drugs and 
their dealers from our society (Northern Territory News, 16th February).

Does Col realise that the amount of drugs seized by the police since the 
start of the drug house legislation is only a tiny fraction of the amount 
of drugs consumed by ordinary Territorians.

Our community's thirst for illicit drugs continues unabated, despite Clare 
Martin and her silly green signs.

When will our politicians, judges, police and newspaper columnists (and 
editors) accept the fact that the war on drugs has been well and truly lost?

It really makes you wonder why they are wasting so much tax-payers' money 
on this pointless exercise.

Gary Meyerhoff, Parap
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