Pubdate: Sat, 05 Mar 2005
Source: Calgary Herald (CN AB)
Copyright: 2005 Calgary Herald
Author: Robert Saint Amour


Killer - In light of the terrible tragedy in Alberta, a new wave of
reefer madness is about to hit our country. But what has pot got to do
with it?

The RCMP suffered a terrible loss and nobody I know woke up
celebrating the slaughter of four innocent men doing their job, yet
this incident had very little to do with grow ops.

The sick puppy who killed these men was known to be crazy; he
regularly fired off shots from his property and was called a "wicked
devil" by his own dad.

There were ample signs that this man was going to go postal and
nothing was done.

Marijuana had a very marginal part in this tragedy and we should not
lose track of the real problem, the so-called walking sick, the
thousands of mentally challenged and ill people in our country who are
put back on the streets and farms with little or no support, all in
the name of fiscal responsibility.

Pot did not kill these RCMP officers; ignorance and government
cutbacks did. Ralph Klein holds far more responsibility in this matter
and no amount of smoke screens -- pun intended -- will change that.

Robert Saint Amour

Quadra Island, B.C.
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