Pubdate: Sun, 06 Mar 2005
Source: Leader-Telegram (Eau Claire, WI)
Copyright: 2005 Eau Claire Press
Author: Michelle Van Vulpen
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President Bush doesn't admit to or make mistakes: Iraq war, refuses to take 
an oath to testify, past drug use. He feels as long as there is no tangible 
proof the public doesn't know, nor will it ever. Just refuse to answer 

It is damaging to kids when they find their president hasn't been truthful 
about drug use.

If you pretend you never did drugs, and people find out you did, you lose 
their trust and respect. Say whatever you want, but this isn't the way God 
calls us to act as Christians.

If you are campaigning as the moral leader ordained by God, you should be 
willing to tell the truth. It appears Bush is very choosy when to tell the 
truth and be honest with the people. As long as it benefits him, his 
policy-making, and his "base," the main focus is on winning.

A little "fudging of the truth" is OK! He will do whatever it takes, even 
if it goes against the teachings of the Bible.

Apparently, Bush thinks God will excuse his actions as long as he claims to 
be his child. Isn't this a dangerous way of thinking? It's tantamount to 
people thinking it OK to cheat as long as they do it for the greater good.


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