Pubdate: Tue, 15 Mar 2005
Source: Southeast Missourian (MO)
Copyright: 2005 Southeast Missourian
Author: Vincent J. Andaloro
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To the editor:

The goal of Missouri government leaders to reduce the production of 
dangerous methamphetamine drugs is meritorious. The idea of forcing the 
average cold sufferer, who is already feeling miserable, to register to buy 
federally approved over-the-counter medications is a terrible one. We have 
a federal organization that makes decisions regarding what medications 
require a doctor's prescription and which ones may be sold over the 
counter. I don't think I should have to share my driver's license and 
personal information to unknown government officials so that they can track 
when I buy cold medication. This is overstepping my rights as a consumer. 
This is private medical information.

This thoughtless proposal would result in less choice, longer waits and 
lines at stores, and it would undoubtedly increase prices for cold 
medicines. Health-care costs already are astronomic. Isn't this going too 
far? I guess I'll just start making all my purchases online or through mail 
order, because the brain surgeons who think they are going to stop meth 
production by punishing all consumers and retailers aren't even including 
these sources for regulation.

Start addressing the real problem -- the big labs and big-time sellers -- 
and give law enforcement more resources to effectively fight the meth 
problem rather than these thoughtless proposals that merely are window 
dressing for overzealous politicians.

Vincent J. Andaloro,

Chesterfield, Mo. 
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