Pubdate: Tue, 22 Mar 2005
Source: Williams Lake Tribune, The (CN BC)
Copyright: 2005 Williams Lake Tribune
Author: Scott Newman



I just wanted to write in support of Joe Jacobson's latest column on
the legalisation of marijuana (Youth Talk, March 8). The current
political discussion does not make sense, in that the government wants
to decriminalize the possession of marijuana, yet introduce stiffer
sentences on those who cultivate it.

So politicians want to increase the demand (by making it less harmful
to possess) and restrict the supply (by making it more dangerous to
grow)? Wouldn't that increase the incentive for more violence on the
part of those who grow it, against those who uphold the law? Would we
be more likely to see Mayerthorpe-style events under these laws?

The answer to both of these questions is yes.

If the government thinks marijuana is not harmful, legalize it. If
they think it is harmful, then ban it. Don't come up with a
wishy-washy middle of the road solution that will be as harmful to
citizens as the current system.

Scott Newman

Williams Lake
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