Pubdate: Fri, 25 Mar 2005
Source: Chilliwack Progress (CN BC)
Copyright: 2005 The Chilliwack Progress
Author: Tyson Campbell


In your editorial, "It's about the money" (Progress, March 18) you say
that the legalization of marijuana is naive. I can't help but think
that you have it backwards. It is time the prohibitionists were called
to account for the abysmal mess drug use suppression has become.

Millions and millions of dollars of taxpayer money has been spent by
these people to what effect? Drug use is way up, especially with
teenagers who are the last people you want to be doing drugs. It is
time for the prohibitionists to prove that stiffer penalties help this
situation because history is starting to make them look very bad.

I have one question. Why does the Netherlands have such impressive
teen use rates, while Canada and the U.S. do not? Smarten up people,
there are kids doing this stuff.

Tyson Campbell

Edtior's Note: The writer misses my point. I said it was naive to suggest
that the legalization of marijuana would end organized crime's involvement
in the lucrative trade.
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