Pubdate: Thu, 07 Apr 2005
Source: Iowa State Daily (IA Edu)
Copyright: 2005, Iowa State Daily
Author: Tom Angell


Katherine Strickler accurately portrays the insanity inherent in
trying to reduce drug abuse by stripping students of their financial
aid ("Federal bill may revoke FAFSA question asking about drug
convictions," April 6), but she uses an outdated statistic to reflect
the number of students who have been affected by this terrible policy.
Actually, more than 160,500 students have filled out the financial aid
application and been denied after admitting to drug convictions. This
number doesn't account for all the students who saw the drug question,
figured they'd be denied aid and didn't bother to waste the postage to
mail in the application.

Students interested in helping to overturn this and other destructive
policies should attend this weekend's "Building the Foundation for
Reform" Midwest regional conference at the University of Iowa.
Students from at least six states will be there working together to
plan a drug war exit strategy.

Tom Angell

Communications Director

Students for Sensible Drug Policy
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