Pubdate: Wed, 13 Apr 2005
Source: Daily Camera (CO)
Copyright: 2005 The Daily Camera.
Author: Steve Roth
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Let's Go Back To The Stone Age

As a student at the University of Colorado, I must comment on the supposed 
"4/20 Riot" that was exposed in the April 11 Daily Camera. I don't know 
whom Dan Enfield has been talking to, but the silent masses of CU students 
who represent the real opinion of our beloved campus believe 4/20 is a day 
to congregate in a peaceful gathering to celebrate Mother Earth's wonderful 
gift of marijuana.

The tradition of 4/20 has been around since the '70s and it has been a day 
for stoners to assemble to share ideas, experiences and have a good time. 
It evolved from a phrase meaning "a time to smoke pot" but it is far from 
just a day to smoke, as we could smoke any other day of the year. People 
who plan on gathering on 4/20 never had any intent to riot in protest of 
the supposed "crackdown." In fact, the purpose of the gathering is to 
maintain the peaceful and united presence of our community.

The celebrations by the students at CU-Boulder are not unlike those on any 
other college campus throughout the country. To add the holiday 4/20 to the 
"link of an unending chain of controversy at CU" would be a mistake because 
it has been happening for years, even before all the controversy that 
currently burdens our school. It cannot go unnoticed that alcohol (a legal 
substance) has played a negative role in parties and caused riots, whereas 
marijuana is never linked to a death or destructive activity.

Don't you think for CU to rid itself from its bad rap, it ought to 
recognize the peaceful intentions of 4/20? Dan Enfield, I promise if you 
pull up a lawn chair and look around, all you'll see is hugs (especially 
with trees), smiles, red-eyes, and not flaming, overturned cars.


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